Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My meandering dorkiness

I took a workshop by Melanie Doerman a few weekends ago. It was offered through the San Diego Bead Society. I had been looking forward to meeting Melanie. I had a great day! I have mainly learned through books and experimenting on my own. It was very exciting to learn so much in one day. Already I can see where learning just a few sharp techniques is opening up my horizon tenfold. I am going to kick back and take some workshops for a while. Melanie's work and instructions are impeccable. I had been admiring her work on her blog and website for a while but to see it in person I see that photographs (no matter how well done) don't quite live up to seeing a piece in person. I marveled over seeing all her treasures she brought to the class for display. She has some pieces that are so playful and interactive. If your into beads don't hesitate to check out her site and buy some kits. The cost is well worth it because you will learn sooo much. Plus you support artists to continue making art.

Check out her website
Melanie Doerman

It was so funny when, at the class, I shared that I don't work with crystals and never have and often prefer more matte finishes. I could hear breaths sucking in and you could hear a pin drop. Some of the ladies then belted out " oh no! your talking to the swarovsky embassy here!!!" Something like that. I am afraid I immediately went to the bottom of their social ladder and blackballed myself!!! Chuckle. We had a laugh about that. I appreciate the diversity of every ones passion. One day I showed a picture of a beaded ring to Tess (my spouse) and her response was "oh how gaudy!" I was shocked and told her how beautiful I thought it was and that I wanted to make one. Funny.

Back to the workshop. I learned how to make Melanie's 'Wheel of Fortune' bracelet. Very interactive and opens up the doors for a lot of creativity. It will take a while to complete and already I have ideas for other versions. I will post a pic of the bracelet when I am done. I bought a few design kits from her and am excited to tackle them too.

You know, I think Melanie is so cool. We have a lot in common. Motorcycles, yoga, creativity, no kids, chuckle. I look forward to taking more workshops of hers.

I recall back to when I moved to Newport beach for a short while as a kid and I didn't know anybody. I would go to the beach with the deliberate intention of finding girls my age and I went up to them and would say "Do you want to be friends? Do you want to play?" How we often outgrow that forward willingness to put ourselves out there with such authenticity.


  1. Meandering dorkiness? You just need to insist we are all different and the world wouldn't be so pretty if EVERYONE used crystals! I hardly ever use them myself. They are very pretty but the cost adds up quickly! I like seed beads more anyhow.

  2. Thank you for commenting Timaree. I love the intricacy of seedbeads, and the earthiness.