Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luna Calls Water to Nourish Green Families

I love her work!
Here is a link to her website. She does a lot of multimedia.

I will post pics of my latest project in the next few days. I completed a very elaborate bracelet designed by Melanie Dorman. I learned a lot doing it. Tess said "oh my! it looks like something freida kahlo would wear". That to me is a huge compliment to Melanie, and me too as the one who constructed it.

I joined the 'Bead Journal Project 2010'. There is a link to it under my profile. I look forward to contributing to this community and being a part of it. We are all committing to creating one piece per month with the intention of making each piece the same size. Which of course helps bring the whole thing together as a series at the end of the year. I guess it doesn't have to be a series...

I just set up an art space along the side of our living room. It feels so good to be in that space.

Namaste, lisa


  1. Welcome to the 2010 BJP. This is my second year. I bead embroider on fabric over stiff Pelon interfacing much like Lacy's but o so much cheaper. When he page is complete, I backed the page with ultra suede and beaded around the outside, much like finishing a cuff or embroidered cab. This year, I will leave the backing off and the finished edges because I will put the finished pages on wearable art.

    Nice blog!

    Happy New Year,

  2. wow! lot's of great ideas! Thank you Carol. I might use the Pelon then but I wonder, do you fine the fabric gets too flexible as you are working it? I thought I might overlay it with cross stitch fabric so I can use a hoop...

  3. Sorry, I didn't realize you answered this on the blog comments. I moderate my comments so I usually answer questions via email when I publish the comment.

    No, the Peltex does not get flexible at all. Last year my pages were 4 x 4 and I didn't use a hoop.

  4. aloha lisa! thank you for the compliment.
    i am happy to see you enjoying your work.
    i'll go explore your blog, thank you

    a.kimberlin blackburn

  5. AK thank you for your comment. I have been out of "the loop" for a few months here but so refreshing to know I can always come back and pick up where I left off.