Monday, August 31, 2009

This pendant of the Dahli llama was made with amber, red coral, carnelian, clay beads and 22K matte gold seed beads. Very simple.

Here's a pic of my work tray in the middle of making a bracelet which is still not finished. I tend to jump around and project-hop.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Now it's time to get busy and start photographing all of my work so I can start posting. I am excited about this! I think the name of my blog is very fitting. I am learning by making jewelry for family and friends, and now finally for myself. But I envision myself moving towards sculptural elements and find myself getting very introspective with my ideas. I see my interest in beads not only as an expression of beauty and culture but also as an opportunity for transition, growth, catharsis even. I am so in love with beads and their colors that sometimes I feel a loss of words to describe it all. One woman in the The Shepherdess bead group said this about bead shopping "when you see a bowl of beautiful beads don't you just want to jump in a wiggle around?" Chuckle. It is only natural that I would gravitate toward beads. I have always loved stones and earthy elements. I dabbled as a mosaic artist but found the materials and space required aren't conducive to life on the coast. Space=money. Lot's of it. Hell, even my little bead studio is set up on our balconey with a bamboo overhang. More space isn't worth going inland.

Being an artist engrossed in projects it is easy to be alone for long periods of time. I get so energized and inspired by others and am always open to meeting other bead artists. There is a meeting and workshop coming up in September with the San Diego Bead Society. They are highlighting Melanie Doerman. I look forward to meeting her. For a while I participated in the open classroom get togethers on various Tuesdays at The Shepherdess. Life gets busy and I get pulled in so many directions that I haven't gone there in a while.

Beadwork has woven it's way into all cultures across the earth for thousands of years. I am never bored exploring the ways people use beads to express themselves. In a way we ALL have beaded lives. Namaste.