Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time to dig in the dirt

Our name came up for the ocean Beach Community Garden plot. Ahhhh my taurus earth-loving nature is revved up. I am enchanted with the place. There is a quaint little greenhouse in the middle, and a chicken coop all surrounded by pathways meandering amidst gardens full of veggies, fruit, flowers, cactus, ducks, art.

Tess and I have been diggin in lot's of soil ammendment and nutrients. I have been reading and planning. Starting with the winter growing season we are going to start carrots, beets, spinach, sugar peas, leeks, parsley, basil, garlic, squash. That's a start. There is already established lavendar, fennel, sage, asparagus that we kept and dug around.

I will post more pics.

I never quite realized how much I miss having a patch of earth. Where we live now there is a cement backyard surrounding a pool, which is very lovely, but now we have a garden...skippideedooda. We live with my in-laws, Tess's parents. I love living with extended family. They are the most gracious kindest people I have ever met, really. I have to share Tess with her parents as she dotes on them endlessly and sometimes forgets about me (hey what about meeee) but for the most part I truly am grateful.

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