Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicano art and my Irish bones

"Art is a record , a document, that you leave behind showing what you saw and felt when you were alive, that's all."
Carlos Almaraz, sketchbook entry
March 4, 1969

I fell in love with Chicano art about 5 years ago when I went to an exhibit in the midwest of Cheech Marins personal collection. I loved the dualistic documentary aspect of much of the art. I love the idea of just putting it out there! For all the world to see! The dark, and very real everyday tragedy, and the lightness of joy and beauty that is peristantly intertwined, both given their rightful place.

That probably explains more of why I chose to begin January with such a piece. This Chicano influence, especially with living in socal near the border now, is seeping into my Irish bones.

Patssi Valdez's use of symbolism has lured me to explore my own desire for visual imagery as expression.

Culturally I fell in love with this art that reveals the deeply instilled love for Catholic iconry and story mixed in with ancient indigenous wisdom. It speaks to my Irish heritage.







  1. And its the color! So intense and rarely pastel. You can just melt right into this art.

  2. Love the vivid bright imagery, should be an interesting influence on your art. Looking forward to seeing your January BJP.