Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have piles of beads, bags, trays, tubes, hanks, bowls, drawers, packets... I have them arranged by color and size, by type of stone. I have a tray of all reds and oranges, natural stones, corals, garnets, agate, jasper, crystal, pipe stone, clay, tourmaline, wonder stone, glass, Basha beads, lampwork beads, rosary beads made of pure rose petals and acacia root.
For blues and purples and greens I have collections of turquoise, amethyst, adventurine, jade, apetite, amazonite, swarovski, oxidized copper, sodalite, glass...

Labradorite and moonstone are my favorite.
I walked the aisles of the 2011 annual San Diego Gem Fair searching for the ultimate labradorite. Of the thousands of specimens, my companion found the most PERFECT stone. Shopping for beads, wandering the shores for rocks and shells, perusing gem and mineral collections, surfing the internet for treasures, is all akin to the wide-eyed journeys of my childhood curiosity and sheer delight at colorful sparkly beauty.

I am working on several pieces right now. As I am finishing a bracelet I am becoming more and more pleased with the results. The clasp is unique and original and as I am attaching this clasp I manage to to seriously damage the bracelet. now I must find a way to repair this. So much effort... I love beads... to me it is all so worth the time and effort. I will post pictures of this bracelt when I am done.

I am still in love with beading. Yes. No doubt.


  1. What the heck!!! Where have you been hiding!!
    Glad you posted and hope you will post a pic of your piece.

  2. Hi Carol! Thanks for the greeting! I have been busy with a new job this last year. Lot's of changes and beadwork has taken a backseat. I am heading over to your blog now...